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individual reports of near-death experiences
in text form
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in book form
Studies and research on near-death experiences
Literature about out of body experiences

individual reports of near-death experiences
on the internet in text form:

numerous reports from the network near-death experience N.NTE
NDERF (USA) – Compilation of numerous NDEs, translated from many languages ​​into German
Selection of reports from the NDERF website, translated into German (pdf-Download)

on the internet as video:

Sabine Mehne (Lymphatic Cancer) Interview broadcast “frankly”, 30 min
The near death experiences of Mrs. Margretha Trummer (swiss dialect) “empirical research into the afterlife” 15 min
The near-death experience of Mrs. Alice T. 16min
Two minutes of eternity | Visiting Bo Katzman motorcycle accident, “Thanatos”, 36min
Near-death experiences – Astrid Dauster: “We do not need to be afraid!” Resuscitation in ventricular fibrillation, 2011, 23min
The near-death experience of Michael Rudigier motorcycle accident, 16min
The near-death experience of Mrs. Michèle Fischer-Wirz poisoning as a child, 15min
The near-death experience of Walter Hubacher in 1968, car crash and operation, 15min
www.nahtod.ch/nahtoderfahrung-was-ist-das/ Website about near death with 2 videos (swiss dialect)
The near-death experience of Mrs. Barbara Baltensperger (out of body experience) 7min

in book form:

Eadie Betty J .: Light at the end of life: Report of an extraordinary near-death experience (1994 Droemer Knaur Verlag, Reissue 2016 Publisher Knaur MensSana)
Note: Also a very detailed description and worth reading.
Malts Betty “I saw a piece of eternity”, from the American, Gerth Media ISBN: 9783877393062, 1978 in Hermann Schulte Verlag, reprinted in 2001 in Asaph-Verlag. The author was clinically dead in 1959 at the age of 27 years after a long illness for 25 minutes and describes impressively her otherworldly, here christian influenced experiences.
Dear Sabine: Light without shadow – living with a near-death experience
Michels Johannes: Reports from the hereafter threshold. Authentic cases of near-death experiences “, publisher Goldmann Arkana, October 2008
Moorjani Anita: Healing in the Light – How I Overcame Cancer Through a Near-Death Experience and Reborn (2012, Arkana Publishing House, Original Title: Dying to be me)
Note: This very valuable book is the most detailed of a near-death experience that I know. The author is from Hong Kong. She describes in-depth consideration of why she has been cured of a severe lymphoma cancer, and the relationship of the many religions she has known as a born Hindu since childhood.
Ritchie George “Return of Tomorrow”
Rubisch Gerald F. Adventure Beyond. Near-death experiences and how life goes on afterwards. https://www.gerald-rubisch.de/
Stein Christine: Like an Angel – Once Heaven and Back (published in 2005, wolkenweit-Verlag / Eigenverlag) It reports on the experiences during a 23-minute death experience after a car accident at the age of 19 years

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Studies and research on near-death experiences:

Bieneck Andreas, Hans-Bernd Hagedorn, Walter Koll: I have looked into the afterlife / near-death experiences Betroffener, Neukirchener publishing house ISBN: 3-7975-0130-7
K. Clark: “Clinical Interventions with Near-Death Experiencers” in B. Greyson and C.P. Flynn: The Near-Death Experience. Problems, Prospects, Perspectives. Charles C. Thomas 1984, p.242-55
Alexander, look into eternity. The fascinating near-death experience of a neurosurgeon.
Ewald Günter: I was dead. A scientist is investigating near-death experiences. (German Professor of Mathematics, 1929-2015) Pattloch Augsburg 1999 ISBN-10: 3629008410
Garlic Hubert: Reports from the Hereafter. Myth and Reality of the Near-Death Experience (1999)
Lommel P van, van Wees R, Meyer’s V, Elfferich I. (2001) “Near-Death Experience in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest: A Prospective Study in the Netherlands”, The Lancet, 358 (9298): 2039-45 (back)
Lommel Pim van: Endless Consciousness. New medical facts on the near-death experience (2007) here the results of the study are presented in a way understandable also to laymen (back to “brain and consciousness”)
Long Jeffrey and Paul Perry, Evidence for Afterlife: The Comprehensive Documentation of Near-Death Experiences Around the World (NDERF Study)
Moody Raymond A .: Life after death. The Exploration of an Inexplicable Experience (1977) / Reissue with Hermann Gieselbusch 2001
Melvin Morse, Paul Perry: To the light. What we can learn from children who were close to death. Goldmann 1994
Ring Kenneth: Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind (1999, English) Original study
Ring Kenneth and Sharon Cooper: When the blind see – Mindsight: generally understandable version of the study in book form 2008: (back to the text Vision of the blind)
Sabom Michael: Recollections of Death: A Medical Investigation, Simon & Schuster, 1982 / New York Harper & Row 1982
Sabom Michael: Memories of death. A medical extermination. Munich Goldmann 1986 (translation of Recollections of Death)

Literature about out of body experiences

Buhlman William: Out of Body. Out of body experience – the last adventure of humanity. Ullstein Heyne 2003
Buhlman William: Expeditions to the hereafter. Starkmuth Publishing 2017

Monroe Robert A .: The man with the two lives. Heyne 2005

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