German-speaking associations for near-death experience: Netzwerk Nahoderfahrung e.V., N.NTE
The network near-death experience, founded by the near-deaths Alois Servaty and Sabine Mehne, is affiliated to the International Society IANDS. Earlier website: Swiss Society for the Study of Near-Death Experiences
Near-death experiences – Project of the University of Berne IASH

German-language pages of English-speaking associations NDERF Near Death Experience Research Foundation (USA) founded by Jeffrey Long

English speaking associations International Association for Near Death Studies (USA) founded in 1978 by Kenneth Ring, John Audette, Bruce Greyson and Michael Sabom

Websites with similar content

Thoughts of a physicist on non-local information and the hereafter: “There is a life after death. Quantum physics now provides the rationale ”
ADCRF After Death Communication Research Foundation – Collection of Night Death Communications

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