What does the hereafter look like? Part 2

[Unrevised machine-made translation without garantee of correctness]

Here is a picture of the hereafter to be shown with the addition of all information we have received from near-death experiences, by astral travelers and by transmitting human media.

The vibration levels

There are many levels of the hereafter that differ in their vibrational states. An accomplished astral traveler and a trained medium can distinguish the different vibrational states and recognize which plane they are on at the moment.

Buhlmann (Out of Body, The Last Adventure of Mankind p.280 ff) describes quite exactly how he experiences these levels:

  • the next higher level after our material world is a plane very similar to matter. It sometimes even looks exactly the same as matter, as if it were a copy of it, but with some differences in details. The ground substance of this plane is no longer as firm as the matter, and one can usually reach through the fine matter or “go through walls”. There is no single nomenclature, I call this level “parallel level”. For R. Monroe, this level would most likely correspond to “Scene I” (Journeys out of the Body, p.57), which-if I interpret Monroe correctly-encompasses both the physical and the physically related otherworldly planes.
  • the next higher levels become more and more shapeless, unstable. The higher the level, the sooner the soul can change the shape of the ground substance through your mind or desire. For Monroe, this would be the “Scene II” (Journeys out of the Body, p. 74).
  • the soul itself also changes its form the higher it rises. While the soul on the “parallel plane” still has a form that is very similar to the earthly form, it becomes all the more deformable, the higher the vibration of the plane.
  • William Buhlman also points to the lateral direction or horizontal branching: in one level of vibration, there can be many separate worlds, just as there are many galaxies in our 3-D universe, and there can be many inhabited planets. In the astral planes of vibration, the different worlds are then, so to speak, in different places of the plane, although there are no “places” in the physical sense.

It depends on the level of consciousness of the soul, how high it can ever rise. Many astral travelers do not go beyond the parallel plane, and some media remain stuck in the lowest levels because they can not produce higher vibrational states. Therefore, there can be no exact information about how many levels there are. Everyone can only report on the levels that are accessible to themselves.

From a higher level, one can easily look down to a deeper level, but never from a deeper level to the higher level. Therefore, in the material plane, we also usually can not look into the astral planes.

The Sara model names about 20 levels and describes how they are traversed after death:

  • Material level (our world on earth)
  • Ghost belt (between matter and astral planes)
  • Astral planes: subtle
    • AE Arrival level: special level with material and astral properties
    • A-0 Sanatoriums of the Astral Plains
    • A-1 to A-3 Dealing with Death. These 3 levels are usually crossed quickly
    • A-4 to A-7 resolution of thought patterns, pseudo-sky
    • A-8 to A-9 Separation from the plan, residual work-up
  • light levels
    • L-10 understanding about being and incarnation
    • L-11 “fact” finale of the incarnation.
    • L-12 realization
  • The levels L-13 to L-19 are the same height. The soul can pursue its interests.
    • L-13 development
    • L-14 level of teaching, guide level
      L-15 level of animals
    • L-16 level of disability
    • L-17 woman level, preparation for women and homosexuals
    • L-18 Level of splitting off of the partial soul from the full soul
    • L-19 level of plants
  • The House
    • L-20 Homeland of the full souls and soul families

The existence of a plane of arrival where the souls first arrived after their death is confirmed by astral travelers. It is the level where the near-death experiences take place.

Likewise, W. Buhlmann also reports on a level where souls are healed, corresponding to level A-0 sanitariums in the Sara model.

The ghost belt is described by R. Steiner and by many esotericists. The deceased remain in this plane until they have realized that they have died for the earthly world and still live on in the afterlife. It’s supposed to be the plane from which spooky phenomena happen. From this level, according to Sara’s “Fopp-Ghosts” model, nonsensical messages are to be dictated on quija boards, which are deceased who are still in the lower levels and enjoy themselves confusing people. However, P. Voggenhuber denies the existence of a ghost belt or has never experienced it personally. This level may be similar or similar to the “parallel plane” because the description of the vibrational states is similar. I could imagine that the ghost belt and the “parallel plane” are different places within the same vibration plane. Then it could be that P. Voggenhuber knows the vibration plane, but not the location of the ghost belt.

The pseudo-heaven (A-7) is a plane in which religious people are faked the sky as they wished it to be in their religious imagination. They stay there until they realize that this, too, is not their highest goal and then develop higher.

Monroe describes a beautiful place where he was only 3 times, and which according to his description could be the “house” of the Sara model (L20).

Spirit Guide: Both W. Buhlman and R. Monroe have many references to a “mysterious helper” whom they can ask for and sometimes carry to higher levels. This corresponds to the spirit guide of P. Voggenhuber or the Sara model. The spirit guide (spiritual teacher, guardian angel) is a spiritual being who accompanies man throughout his earthly life. The spirit guide will either help to get to a higher level in an out of body experience, if it makes sense for the life plan, or he will prevent it if it does not make sense.

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