What does the beyond look like? Part 1

[Machine-made translation without garantee of correctness]

How can we imagine the afterlife? It is clear: it is difficult, we can not see it. We adhere to that near-death experience reported. If near-death experience can see things on our 3-D world, and blind there can see that that is when an investigation as correct, then let’s assume simply, the rest of the reports would also agree.

There are usually 2 part of worlds, which are reported in near death experiences:

1.) the out of body experience with views of our normal 3-D world

2.) the so-called “metaphysical part” of the near death experience with a view into the hereafter

1.) the part with the out of body experience

Here, the world at first glance looks as we are accustomed. Only the position is different: usually from a position on the ceiling or from a height, a bird’s-eye view, so to speak.

The look

However, the visual perception is different from the real world, because there is no point of view in a certain direction, but, as some report in detail, a 360 ° all-round visibility. One can perceive at the same time everything, what is before one, behind a right and left, and up and down by itself. One is in a different, subtle or energetic world, and can therefore by material solids of our world such as See through walls and roofs.

Some reports even from a Zoom effect: you can see not only the individual hairs, but even the hair follicles, so the microscopic hair roots of a people.

The focus of the vision is not determined by eye movements or head turning as direction but simply by the fact that one focuses on something in particular, you want to see specific.

The hearing

It is not sure whether there is something there. Anyway, people in the near-death experience can somehow hear what say people living down here. You can read their thoughts, but also on the way of a telepathy. If there are people in the near-death experience with other beings in contact, that is through telepathy, so through direct mental telepathy, which is not in words.

On the other hand is also reported something like music or sounds.

The locomotion

It’s easier than down here in this subtle world: one needs move not his legs, but one “wishes” simply somewhere else and already there is, it doesn’t come out of breath and getting no sore feet – how convenient! This itself is also, that there is either no space and no time, so also no removal in that world or that the area plays hardly any role. Some people who can put themselves through meditation in an out-of-body State, some is that can be used in the form of astral travel or “shamanic journeys”, so they travel in the otherworldly world at a place that they want.


Communicate with other beings telepathically happens without language. There are reports that seam oder propelled the thoughts of living persons z. B. rescuers at the resuscitation could read. Media that communicate with deceased or spirit beings, reports that this is done without words, often in a pictorial and symbolic language.

Body shape

The body in the otherworldly world seems to be outwardly similar to our earthly bodies. He however does not consist of matter and is subject to the laws of our 3-D world. Some report that they can go through a ceiling or a wall. The body is made from a kind of light energy. May be you can influence its own appearance. In any case, deceased in appearance at the time of death, but at the time of its best years appear consistently or deceased as a child have the look of a young adult.

2. The metaphysical, otherworldly part

This is the part where people in the near-death experience turn away from the Earth. Often this begins with the tunnel experience.

This is however only a transition zone in the world beyond. Often the people in their near-death experiences of other beings that they now do not want to go further, but should return to the material earthly life said, they are there tasks to fulfill. I.e. they if they would go further, then would be in the “correct” hereafter. We’re talking here is a precursor of the hereafter.

There is of course no way to verify the information here or to prove. You can only say “If the observations of the Nahtoderfahrenen about our 3-D world is correct, then the information about the world beyond will vote probably also somewhat.” No doubt there are but here the possibility of individual dyes, interpretations and misinterpretations. You can still compare between individual reports and say “If 2 or 10 Nahtoderfahrene report the same, then it will be probably.”

A last general security or provability can never exist so for this part.

There are people who have the ability from an early age to see dead souls and contact with you. Usually, they are known as “Media”. And there’s at least one person who has the ability to see Angel, I recommend the book by Lorna Byrne, Angel in my hair to do this. This is of course not überpüfbar. Who is inclined to believe who has perhaps already experienced, otherworldly things may include also the statements of these special people.

The tunnel

This is the transition from a purely out of body experience into the metaphysical hereafter. Some describe it as a tunnel with very dark walls, other than space containing an incredibly deep darkness. Here, not moving from their own imaginative or mind power, but is pulled by a foreign power.
Some say the tunnels serve to fit the actual afterlife the soul.

Missing words

Almost all Nahtoderfahrene have reported that what they have seen is unimaginable for US 3 D men and indescribable. Try to describe the provided words of our language, almost as a kind of analogy. Is repeatedly reported that things will be rendered incorrectly by the forming of the ineffable in secular descriptions, otherworldly things in the description be simplified and distorted.


Place is a term of the room. In a life where there is neither room nor time, there can be no places. However, it seems to give any places that have something special, environments that have a certain look in the hereafter. I’ll use therefore the following, how many Nahtoderfahrene do this, the term “Site”, in the awareness that here is not the same as a place on our 3-D world.

The knowledge library

Some report about what happened about a place where all knowledge is stored, about the universe, about any person. And just because they are in that place, you can acquire the knowledge that you are looking for, by telepathy. The Theosophists Charles Leadbeater and the Antroposphie founder Rudolf Steiner that “world memory” is called “Akasha Chronicle”, Akasha is the Sanskrit term for sky/Ether.

Levels in the beyond

A few near-death experienced people report various lower and higher levels in the beyond. They differ in the degree of their subtlety. By developing your consciousness you can reach a higher level. Some of these levels also seem to be in some ways in keeping with the ancient notions of hell, purgatory, and heaven, with hell in many ways different from conventional beliefs. Some religions have the idea of “7 heavens”, but esoteric circles count by far more grades.

Adding and accepting not only the near-death reports but also the accounts of the talented psychic and the astral-travelers, one can learn much more about the appearance of the hereafter: What does the beyond look like? Part 2

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