The sight of blind people

Is it scientifically possible that a blind person can see in a pictorial visual way during a near-death experience? Here are some basic prerequisites:

Biological tools to see

To watch, you need much more than two healthy eyes. Of course, cornea, lens and retina, vitreous and the optic nerve must be intact. The image is then projected on the Visual rays on the primary visual cortex (area striata, V1 or Brodmann area 17). Then will the image in the neighbouring secondary visual cortex (Brodmann area 18) and the higher visual cortex (Brodmann area 19) processed to identify shapes, images, faces, and much more. Defects found in the primary visual cortex is the so-called “cortical blindness”, i.e. despite healthy eyes you can’t see anything. Defects found in bodies of secondary and tertiary visual cortex, cause forms of partial cortical blindness. For example, there are people who cannot distinguish geometric shapes like circle or triangle, for example, and there are other people who cannot recognize nor identify faces due to an other cortical defect.

Development is necessary for seeing

This complicated structure but must develop in the first years of life. It can develop only in a healthy Visual apparatus. The toddler combines the impressions that it receives with the eyes, the ears, at the keys with your hand and running and set back distances. This creates a Visual presentation in the brain. A human being is now blind, from birth he can develop any Visual presentation, these parts of the brain then lie fallow. Studies have shown that people, who before the 5. Year of life no idea from seeing light and shadow, and so on go blind in her life develop. Even if nothing can see people due to an eye disease for many years, these areas of the brain develop back. The brain is plastic, i.e. It adapts constantly to that, what is needed in everyday life. You gipst up one arm, then the movement and the sensation area developed has been shown for this arm in the brain back, this has been proven with nuclear spin tests. And if the plaster is removed only after two months, the man needs some days, weeks and months until he regained his old skill and strength. Here, the brain areas may again increase. At a blind enormously increases the ability of hearing and touch, the relevant brain areas are increased. A normal vision-capable could never read the Braille, based solely on the sense of touch.

Can you operate blindness?

You can read this story in the Gardian 2003, Wikipedia or University Washington News. It’s a man named Mike May, who suffered a severe injury in the third year of life by an explosion, so he was totally blind. He coped extremely well with the blindness and even skiing. A new cornea in his right eye was planted then aged about 46 years he, whose Durchsichtigkeit could be maintained by certain stem cells. The vision of the eye has been restored in this excellent, but huge difficulties to recognize objects has the man: he can distinguish no Coke can from a peach, can’t see his wife can no shadow of a stair-step different, etc. This shows very clearly in this article. This man can orient still better with my eyes closed as with a sighted, but mostly bark-blind eye. And, although his visual cortex in the first three years of life could develop at least a little.

Kenneth Ring describes a man, were transferred to a later age acquired blindness corneal graft. The visual cortex had formed back bad reputation during the years. The man could even two years after the transplant still not see, i.e. still no familiar objects, recognize, and should have taken allegedly out of desperation the life.

What do blind people dream?

A blind man living in a completely different world. He has no idea of color, no concept of light and shadow, no idea of any forms or the appearance of a person. He surfaces and faces at the keys to just know how to feel. His dreams are from acoustic and tactile impressions (= button impressions), he can see anything in the dream, too, because he doesn’t know what is pictorial appearance because he sure has no area of the brain at all. And that’s why a blindgeborener can hallucinate anything Visual. According to the monistic neuroscience arise all our fantasies of any impressions and memories that we once had and are stored in our brain, otherwise they can not come. A blind man can not even develop the imagination, that he could see, if he has never seen in life.

What to see blind people at the near-death experience?

If now so normally see capable people can leave their body and in a transcendental way see outside her body, d.h without her eyes, during a near-death experience, then how is that people with blind?

The reply was examined several times. Most blind people have some sort of vision during a near-death experience. Kenneth Ring reported experiences in his 1999 book about 31 cases of blind people with near-death. 14 of these people were born blind, the blind for 15 or 9 of the blind born reported visual perception during near death and out of body experiences.

Examples that blind at the near-death experience see

Textbook from ring study: Vicki Umipeg had in 1973 at the age of 22, a car accident and during surgery following a near-death experience. What is special is that Vicki Umipeg was blind from birth, and is. She reported that she has seen in her near-death experience. She has to see is her own body on the operating table. Due to their blindness she could never see her body and also did not recognize him. Only when she saw the wedding ring on her finger, she concluded that this body must be yourself. She could see that one here had shaved off a large portion of long hair for the skull surgery, and has himself annoyed about it. She have seen all of this with a mind’s eye as if she cannot see. After her return in her body, she remained still blind. (Report to read in English)

Unexplained perceptions of blind during OBE or NTE (most of the examples come from “If blind see – Mindsight” Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper, the page numbers refer to the German translation, Santiago-Verlag, 1.) 2011 edition. The name in quotation marks are pseudonyms, the real names are known to the author):

“Nancy” (Pseudonym) could identify 2 men in the hallway of the hospital at a time, as she was already blind due to a complication of operations (119 S. Mindsight ring)

A patient by Ingegerd Bergström, who was blind for 10 years, that their own kitchen sink could no longer see you, could see clearly with a NTE during a cardiac arrest, that the dishes on their sink was still unwashed (117 S. Mindsight)

“Carla”, severely visually impaired, could look at the lines on the monitors of the operating room at birth during a NTE (95 S. Mindsight). She could clearly see the structure of the ceiling of her friend during an OBE. She has checked the accuracy of memory a day later by keys. (Mindsight S. 107) She could read the nameplate of a not well known nurse during an other AKE (109 S. Mindsight).

The blind “Cheryl” could see their girlfriend lives in another House during an OBE in her bathroom and could describe later (112 S. Mindsight) this bathroom in detail.

“Frank”, 10 years blind, color and design could describe during an OBE a tie, who shortly before had bought the a friend without him to describe the appearance of (Mindsight S. 114)

Even the blind are consistently convinced that they could see literally and inexplicably during this experience. They were initially perplexed about their new perception. The report with congenital blindness a visual perception, the it so far in the had never made her life and also (blindgeborene have no visual ideas in her dreams) didn’t know from their dreams. With acquired blindness, reported that they could see at least as sharp as the time before she had lost her vision.

How can blind people see?

How do traditional science now explain this phenomenon? There’s a kind o replacement vision by perception of light or color of the skin. But this substitute appearance skills will need to be trained first long and not suddenly stand available during a cardiac arrest. And they provide only vague impressions and this only then, when objects are close to the skin. Definitely not blind can achieve a clear vision on the distance, as this is described in the near-death experiences. This replacement Sehfähigkeiten may also “meet with the soul”.

Conclusions, if blind see

If so, a blind born woman reported by an ability of seeing in the near-death experience, there are out even an approach to an explanation from materialistic and neuroscientific point of view. It is impossible that a blindgeborener developed only an idea of the look. It is impossible that a blindgeborener in the situation of the cardiac cycle in any form can be seen.

Many scientists say could and can prove the existence of a separate soul, so not “psyche”, never but a soul that can leave the body, or a world beyond. You can not prove but also that there is not this, can’t do that in principle, since a single rebuttal is enough for reasons of logic.

Science is an open mind to observe the events of our world, to describe and to explain and if necessary to draw the consequences from this. These facts can be explained only by the dualistic hypothesis, by recognizing the existence of an independent soul. Who here contradicts must make a sound statement, as the facts described here with the monistic world view should be explained. These facts are as Galileo’s telescope, by the church people not wanted to see through to see the 4 moons of astrology because could then view and could there be no other celestial body except the Earth, revolved around the other body or moons.

Who will now always is necessarily insist on its monistic world view, remains only the assertion that all these reports from around the world, collected by various researchers, were invented. I’d not very logical that at the factual level. But everyone may have the belief, which he needs for his mental stability.

We have a non-material soul and may have with this soul vision-like sensations. These differ from the material appearance with 2 healthy eyes: some of those affected report namely that they could have a 360 ° panoramic view and see at the same time both forward, backward, right and left and after up and down during a NTE unusual way. Others report that the appearance is there rather a kind of inner knowing, a perception with the “I”, which nevertheless very detailed images, also on the distance, delivers.