The message of the Beyond

What do the near-death experiences tell us? What do we know about the afterlife? This chapter contains the following sites::

What does the beyond look like (1) ? What are the characteristics of the world beyond? What is different there?

The Message: what do we learn about our life here and now?

Psychic Mediums and Clairvoyants Is it possible to include the often very detailed reports of mediums in the concept of the beyond? What kind of mediums are there?

Reincarnation: What do near death experiencers, astral travelers and the mediums say? (only machine translation)

What does the beyond look like (2) ?: What idea of the beyond can we make if we summarize the reports of astral travelers and psychic mediums? (only machine translation)

Consequences for the practical life: dealing with topics of the beyond, is this an unnecessary hobby strange to the world or doe these issues affect our practical life? (only machine translation)

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