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What kind of message do the near-death experiences tell us? There is much to suggest that there is a soul independent of the body, and in my opinion this is proved by verifiable observations. So if the parts of the near-death experience that relate to a view of the hereafter on our world are true, then I assume that the other parts that refer to the otherworld and for us in no way are verifiable, and also correspond to a reality. Of course you can not and must not believe everything that supposedly comes from the hereafter. Those who want to check can only gather and compare the reports of near-deaths, reports from the media (people who can perceive from child on the souls of deceased people, or sometimes also perceive angels) and reports of other revelations. Where there are common statements, at least that can be considered true.

For the near-deathed, the experience of the hereafter is a moving and profound turning point. But that’s only 4-5% of the population. However, the rest of the people, when they are dealing with it, are “infected” by this message and can draw a similar profit from it.

And here’s the message candidly speaking

We are not alone. We are surrounded by an invisible world. Light beings (angels) see us, know us, take care of us, although we do not notice. Our life on earth is only a small part of our existence. We have a long and rich history even before we were born. Our life on earth serves a task that we have either set ourselves or worked out in collaboration with spiritual leaders. In any case, we wanted this task. Above all, the goal is to develop ourselves, our mental abilities, our ability to love. We are much more than our body. We are a soul, an otherworldly being, with a very large and rich consciousness. While we live on Earth, this awareness is severely limited. We do not remember the beings we know in the hereafter nor our past lives. Why is that? Our earthly consciousness focuses entirely on this three-dimensional Earth. We live in a world with a strict passage of time, with seemingly direct connections between cause and effect. We are placed in a place from which we can only move with difficulty. We always face new challenges. We are constantly forced to choose an action. This world forces us to take responsibility and act responsibly. These are the cornerstones from which we can evolve. It is so desired by the Creator of this world that we are focused on this earth and that we usually do not perceive the other dimensions, the hereafter, the otherworldly beings that surround us. These are the very special conditions of this world that we have taken for granted so far.

And here are some details:

1. Death is not the end

Death is a transition. When the body dies, the soul does not die at the same time, it is even immortal after many reports. Although the near-death experience is not a real and completed death. But the deceased relatives and the spiritual beings say again and again to the Near-Death-Experienced, that one sees each other again soon (after the physical death).

Nothing of what we have learned in life in this world is lost. This applies above all to what we have learned in love for fellow human beings, so to speak “social competence”.

So death is the end of the body, a farewell to the familiar in this world, for the loved ones always a painful loss. He is also the end of a development phase for the person affected. But he is not the end of everything. Almost all near-deaths are no longer afraid of death. And those who study this topic intensively and read some reports or books about it, get infected by it and also lose the fear of death. This, of course, still means a sense of responsibility for one’s own life and the lives of others, it has nothing to do with carelessness and nothing to want to risk his life recklessly.

2. There is a  God

No nearer or nearer doubts the existence of a god. He felt the supernatural love and saw the supernatural light. Theoretical questions, whether God is a person or a trinity or an omnipresent principle, or whether he is outside of us or if we are all ultimately a part of him, these questions disappear in such an experience, because God is incomprehensible to us all. 1000 pages of a theological essay can not replace 1 second of feeling God.

Names do not matter to beings in the hereafter. And so it does not matter if you call him God, Yahweh, Allah, Elohim, the Brahman, Vishnu, “All That Is” or whatever. He is often called “the light” by many near-deaths and people who are deeply involved in the subject.


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3. We are not alone

Almost every near-death experienced the close connection with many other beings. During our life on earth we are not aware of this connection. Just as the near-death is accompanied by one or more beings who guide him and help him in difficult situations during his life review and his way into the vestibule of the afterlife, every soul during earthly life is accompanied by a guardian angel or spirit guide. Usually we do not realize that, sometimes we wonder about any alleged coincidences.


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4. The court is us

Very often the NDE contains a review of one’s own life. This review is very detailed, you not only experience what you did and said, but even what you thought. And now you are always experiencing both sides, that which one has inflicted on another (good or bad) and how the other has experienced it joyfully or suffering. So you can see his mistakes very plastically and feel their effect. K. Ring describes in his book “In the Face of the Light” a man who beat someone up years ago and then during his NDE felt every single punch as if he had received it himself. This can be so depressing for some people that they can not stand it and have to be comforted and emotionally rebuilt by a being of light, it’s worse than hell. The light system, which is usually there, does not condemn man, but appeases him more. Everyone judges themselves about his life, it needs no further judgment. That can be hell, maybe that’s the real hell.

And the very thought that we all will once again take this life review has a strong educational impact on our thinking and actions. Probably more than the fear of the rigorous “Last Judgment” preached in many religions.

The hereafter – the sky – has several stages, according to some traditions seven, maybe more, maybe there is no very clear subdivision. But you have to be inwardly ready, have to have developed a certain degree of love ability to get into a certain heavenly stage. It is not all “freely accessible”.

Example: different skies NDERF 7210, paragraph 22

5. The life has a meaning

We hear in many NDE reports that our lives should serve one or more specific purposes. These purposes may be to learn from our mistakes, to be more able to love, to help others, to raise particular souls as children, and much more. Life, its length and its course is planned in the afterlife before birth by ourselves and our guardian angel. Once we are born, we forget the plan and that before that we were involved in the creation of the plan in the hereafter. Forgetting seems to be a necessary basic principle. Some people have a certain “idea” of what awaits them in life. There are planned life stages, but there is no compulsion. There is a lot of freedom to develop. Respect for the free will of humans plays a very important role in the hereafter.


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6. We live several times (reincarnation)

While in our earthly life we only have an overview at most from birth to death, in the hereafter or often in an NDE we have a view of several lives on earth, of several life phases in the hereafter between earth lives and probably also of development phases in different ones Partial worlds of the hereafter.


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