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The near-death experiences show us that we live forever. We are conscious, consciousness can not be destroyed. As the near-death experiences show us, we have already lived before birth and will live on after death, albeit not in this form of 3-D matter. I have found more near-death experiences that speak for the theory of reincarnation, that is, for multiple lives on the material earth, and only two with clues that speak against it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reincarnation

Why can I not remember?

Let’s say you’ve lived 40 times within 10’000 years, have been married 35 times, raised 60 children and been murdered 15 times. Do you want to carry it all with you? Do you want your current partner to suffer from the mental trauma you suffered during your 31st marriage? It’s the deal that starts over and over again. As a result, you also have new good starting chances every time.

During our life in the hereafter, when we are pure consciousness and have lost all the wounds of earth life, we can remember all lives. We have internalized them in us. But as soon as we are born, our consciousness is deliberately reduced (to 25% according to the Sara model). Although we still carry the memory in the innermost, we are not aware of it.

Why do I have to learn everything over and over again?

Of course we have a new body every time, with each body we have to learn to walk again, which is a bit different every time. But we are also born into different languages ​​and cultures. How do you want to grow impartially into Chinese and Chinese culture as a child, if you still carry with you the memory and language of your former Arab life? Those who have developed a high level of awareness will learn more easily, not just language and so-called intelligent skills, but above all, finding their way around the world and understanding human nature.

How can you explain the population explosion?

That’s right, assuming that after a certain period of time, say, after exactly 100 years, each person will be reborn again and again on this earth, there is, of course, a mathematical problem. 7 billion souls on this earth probably have not existed since the earth has existed. But there is much more flexibility in this system than you think. There are souls who have always been incarnated as an animal and now come as humans. There are souls that have rarely incarnated and now may even have three incarnations at the same time. There are souls that have incarnated on other planets in our universe so far. And above all, the concept of time is closely linked to our matter. In the spiritual world, there is either no time or a completely different time. If 7 billion people were incarnated in the last 100,000 years and 7 billion in one year at a time, then from the point of view of the spiritual world this could be exactly the same.

Why am I being punished for something that I can not even remember?

Here you wish for justice and address the doctrine of “Karma” from Hinduism and Buddhism. So, according to this teaching, it may be that in an earlier life you have committed an immoral act and have suffered in that life as one does the same to you without being able to remember the past life. However, then you would have experienced this from both the perpetrator and the victim, and from the aspect of the higher consciousness that you will experience after your death, you could see an overview of your actions and learn your lessons from them.
But according to my favorite Sara model), it looks a bit different: after each life, we gradually drain all the burdens and guilt, then start a new life with good and bad events that will help our spiritual development, and then come back born to make the planned experiences. There is no reward and no punishment – that would be secular jurisdiction – there is only spiritual development. In the Sara model), at most, you and your spirit guide may have deliberately planned to experience a certain action from the victim’s perspective in this life. Also in this model you can not remember.

Why Jesus did not say anything about reincarnation?

Well, that is very controversial, and there are some scriptures that suggest a reincarnation. But even without that, you have to know, religions are always made for a specific group of people and for a specific time. No religion can explain everything, no religion is comprehensive. It can not be that already because the respective consciousness of humanity at that time could only take a part. Christianity has in its core charity as a message and gives no details about the life beyond. Many Christian ideas about the so-called resurrection and eternal life were made by men, by church fathers and popes.

Church Father Origines (185-254 AD) advocated a doctrine of pre-existence of mind and soul before birth. His doctrine was rejected in 553 by an edict of the Roman Emperor Justinianus and his followers cast a spell, coinciding with the Second Council of Constantinople.

The reincarnation of the sub-soul

According to the Sara model), this is a bit more complicated with reincarnation: the full soul that lives in the “house” and is pure consciousness decides to incarnate a part of it, the “sub-soul,” in a certain place, at a certain time in a particular social and cultural environment on earth. The sub-soul – that is us – is of the same substance as the whole soul and in many ways the same, but it is only a part because it represents a certain aspect of the full soul. It also carries with it the memories of all previous lives of sub-souls of the same full soul, but mostly unconsciously. After death and a time of reworking life, the sub-soul reunites with the full soul. All memories and experiences of earthly life remain in the full soul, and the full soul can remember forever all the details of the sub-soul.

Voggenhuber describes the same model in other words: he calls the full soul “group soul”. The group soul splits off a soul, just as you can take out a piece of dough from a bread dough. The dough piece has the same composition and properties as the whole bread dough, but is only a part of it.

Some astral travelers (W. Buhlmann) also describe that they had made contact with their own higher I, and thus probably the contact between the sub-soul and the full soul.

In this sense, one can say that there is reincarnation, because the same full soul incarnates again and again on earth as a sub-soul, and at the same time, reincarnation does not exist, because there are always different, new sub-souls that incarnate.

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