Media and Clairvoyants

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This and the following page is written for those who have become curious, who want to know more about what happens after death, more about the hereafter. Those who want to know things that go beyond what is reported in near-death experiences can not avoid dealing with media.

The medium

By “medium” or “media” is meant here human media, ie people with special “media” abilities. These human media mediate between the earthly world and the otherworldly world. Not meant are the electronic media television, film, internet, which mediate between earthly people.

There is a soul beyond our dimension. There are, as the near-death experiences show, otherworldly worlds and otherworldly light beings or spirits going beyond our 3-D world. So it stands to reason that there are ways to communicate with these beings or that certain people may have the ability to communicate with these beings.


It is clear that here we are entering an area that is neither generally scientifically recognized nor verifiable. Esotericism is booming, and at least some of its economic interests are behind it. The public and the film industry are mainly interested in ghosts, vampires and zombies. How can you find your way between TV astrology, charlatans and real media? Those who fundamentally distrust all of this from the start and do not want to embark on this adventure simply have to be content with the reports of near-death experiences. I will go into the possibility of review later.

Since I realize that not every reader will follow on this page, here and in the following I will clearly distinguish between information coming through normal terrestrial channels, ie. h., reports of existing living humans, and between media information transmitted by spirit beings from beyond the grave. The amazing thing, however, is that at many points both areas fit together harmoniously.

Every person has “sensitive” abilities, that can be a special intuition, maybe an inexplicable knowledge of the emotional state of a person (“sixth sense”) or a short telepathic contact in a special event with a close person. Some people have “medial” skills, that is

Beyond Contact: Ability to speak with departed souls and also with other otherworldly beings. This conversation can take place in awake consciousness or in a trance state.
Perceiving the “aura” is a kind of colored light silhouette around a person, from which the medium can draw conclusions about the emotional state or even the health of a person

Medial skills can be trained and educated. In addition there are special techniques to refine the feeling, there are especially in England special schools with multi-year training courses, partly supported by the Anglican church. It is very important for a medium to learn to distinguish exactly between own thoughts and belief systems and what is reported from the hereafter. The nature of being beyond contact is such that otherworldly beings can see mostly everything on this world, including the thoughts of earthly living people, while living people can only exceptionally see, feel or contact otherworldly beings. As a result, these media-savvy people often have to defend themselves against a rush of contact attempts from the hereafter. On the other hand, media-savvy people must constantly be careful with people that they are not considered crazy and end up in a psychiatric institution.

The most common work that media do is consolation contacts, d. H. Contacts of relatives with recently deceased persons. Of course, the media are often distrusted and unbeliefed. In order to avoid the impression of a guessing game with inquiries from the client, many media therefore do not ask their clients specific questions, they often do not even ask what it is all about – the topic should be recognized by the contact to the hereafter. The media only reports what they learn from the otherworldly contacts and only ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. Pascal Voggenhuber (see below) asks only the only question “does this make sense to you?” Without any questions, however, a medium does not suffice, as it also has to choose which person in the afterlife should be contacted and the messages often not linguistically or literally unambiguously, but symbolically and pictorially transmitted.

Some media work in such a way that they simultaneously lead the conversation with the client or sitter and on the other hand with the hereafter contact. A more elegant method is that media does not speak directly to the client, but indirectly, d. H. about a person familiar to them, who is not a medium in himself, but who leads the conversation. This allows media to enter into a deeper trance, experience finer details from the hereafter and better turn off their own personal thoughts and belief systems.

The deceased then reveal themselves mostly through a detail that only the closest relatives know, such as habits or details from their previous lives, but which neither the medium nor the possible companion can know. This convince media in these individual cases their clients. Of course, it is very difficult or impossible to provide “scientific proof” along the way.

Most media work together with a familiar being in the afterlife that filters the contacts and prevents unwanted contacts. Usually this is the so-called personal spirit guide of the medium. In special cases, there are also contacts with otherworldly beings who can answer certain questions about the nature of the hereafter, the different levels, the specific situation of the earthly world, etc. and can also give systematic instructions.

Now the question arises, how can a person, who is not himself medial, form an opinion about what comes from a medium from the hereafter? For him nothing is verifiable, often the Beyond reports also deviate from religious views. Those who are familiar with near-death experiences have the possibility of comparison, namely whether the otherworldly world, which is described through the transmission of media, coincides, at least in the main, with what is known from near-death experiences. An irrefutable very last and universal “truth” is of course not attainable in this way.

Unfortunately, many media mix their reports and messages with religious ideas, be it Christian or Hindu. I myself can not recognize the “ultimate truth” in any religious scriptures and I believe that in all religions human and power-political aspects have moved in.

My approach is that the more a report on the afterlife contains religious things that can be copied from old books, the less I trust the report. The best reports come from the media’s own unbiased experience.

Well-known Clairvoyants

Here are some well-known media that I will refer to on the next page without any claim to completeness:

Rudolf Steiner 1861 – 1925, founder of anthroposophy, author of numerous writings, often not easy to read. He claims to have seen many connections in the hereafter from his own point of view. Whether he actually had concrete contact with deceased or otherworldly beings, I do not know. In his religion-like system, a great influence of Christian mysticism can be seen. In his descriptions of the otherworldly world, he attaches a certain amount of mysticism, for he divides the spiritual components of man into seven units, as well as the spiritual world in seven levels. In my opinion, one should not take everything literally what he writes. Nevertheless, many of his statements coincide in principle with other Beyond reports.

Edgar Cayce 1877-1945 USA, famous medium, author of several books on the hereafter. As far as I’ve read, he describes numerous examples of otherworldly contacts, describing different levels, describing inventions and plans made in the hereafter and intended for our world. He also mentions isolated cases where otherworldly souls return to earth again (reincarnation). I read some of his books decades ago and therefore can only quote from memory.

Jane Roberts 1929-1984, USA, artist, writer, well-known medium and author of numerous works. She had special contact with an otherworldly being who calls herself Seth and gave her a systematic teaching about the hereafter. From this contact many books have been created. The thing gains credibility because Seth went deep into scientific contexts that were not known or accessible to Jane Roberts’ medium. The model of the otherworldly and worldly world described here I call the following Seth model. This model is one of the most valuable and is therefore very interesting because it is very structured and detailed. If I hardly quote this model on the next few pages, it’s just because I have not personally read the books.

Lorna Byrne, b. 1955, Ireland, the only medium that had more contact with angels than with dead people, and this from childhood. Famous for her book “Angel in my hair”. Author of further works and lectures. Of course, it appeals most to the followers of Christianity. Her view is fascinating, showing how often angels intervene in our lives.

Alfred Ballabene, Vienna, Austrian contemporary medium, which gained knowledge mainly in out of body experience. On his website, the findings of astral travel and lucid dreams of his teacher Guru Ananda are published.

Pascal Voggenhuber b. 1980, Switzerland, beyond the borders of Switzerland known medium, author of several books and YouTube videos. His merit is above all the public relations. His goal is to make the world of hereafter contacts known to a large audience. In his YouTube videos, he clarifies some comprehension questions about fate plans, reincarnation, difference between angels and deceased, etc. His model, however, is not very detailed.
E-Book Beyond Resort

Jenseits-Ressort, German-speaking non-profit organization under the leadership of Peter Kirchner, Web address: The goal is comfort contacts and help for souls in certain problem situations. Peter Kirchner, himself no medium, works as a confidant (“Pimp”) together with several specially selected and trained media. He attaches great importance to the separation of his research results from any religion and the elimination of individual human influences. It goes so far that the client is not present at the meetings and Peter communicates as a person of trust via Internet chat with the medium in a trance, so that any direct personal influence is turned off. Here are several books (“Exploration of the Creation”), very systematic, with numerous examples from afterlife sessions around the year 2006. Unfortunately, the electronic books of the afterlife department are only available in German. An attempt to transfer to the English-speaking world failed due to lack of resonance. In his detailed and systematic accounts of the hereafter, Kirchner invokes the experiences of meetings of himself or his wife with three different otherworldly beings. In part, he also refers to the books and reports of Seth / Jane Roberts. The model of the otherworldly and the worldly world presented in the afterlife department is called the Sara model, named after the most contacted otherworldly teacher.

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