Einstein’s 5th Dimension and the Beyond

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This website is dedicated to a mathematical-physical-transcendental theme: other dimensions and the beyond.

It was started on 29.03.2016 in german and september 2016 with translations. Unfortunately, the website was destroyed on 13.09.2018 and again on 26.03.19 – probably due to a program incompatibility. Since 05.11.2018 and 28.03.19 it is online again, revived from a 1 year old backup. Unfortunately, the previous comments and registrations were deleted, I ask for your understanding.

The website consists of a more mathematical-physical first part: Einstein’s 5th Dimension and Quantum Physics

In the first part, I would like to draw attention to the fact that modern physics in no way regards our real visible world as the ultimate wisdom, but on the contrary provides hints for reaching beyond, that is, in relation to our 3-D reality, ” a world of beyond “.

Anyone who is not keen about dealing with mathematics and physics, can of course start with the second part: Is there an Evidence for a Beyond?

In the second part I deal with the near – death experiences and what one can deduce from this, the beyond. In this part, it’s all about questions of reality and provability.

The third part,  The Message of the Beyond” , asks what these reports tell us and how we can handle it.

You may start with “The 2nd and 3rd Dimension“.


Where do we come from? Where are we going to? Is there a meaning of life? What for are we on earth? Why do I suffer this good or bad fate? What happens after death? Is there an afterlife? These questions move many people a lot. The answers are very different.

We hover between religious traditions, religious dogmas, skeptical materialism, big bang theory, discoveries in quantum physics and esoteric interpretations, word of mouth rumours, numerous Hollywood movie ideas on the subject, conflicting press coverage and perhaps also personal experiences.

Answers that are based on a single traditional book, or that are in conflict with the visible world, or that exclude a large part of mankind (the sole-salvation claim of some religions) are unsatisfactory. A good answer should be able to explain everything, the contradictions between science and religion and the contradictions between different religions. It is important that the mind remains open: open to logical thinking, open to new possibilities, without demonizing certain sources and without demonizing of followers of a different faith. And on the other hand, some skepticism, this means logical questioning, is important. A dogma that you have to believe absolutely constricts the mind and leads no further.

The motives to deal with this topic are mostly personal. For me it is on the one hand the near-death-experience of my father, that he told me very impressively. It was a bit hazy, with no details, just a report about the light, timelessness, and the desire not to return to earth. But from the sound of my father’s voice, I could feel how much this experience has impressed him. On the other hand, I have a vague recollection of my incarnation process: I slid down a tunnel at high speed and knew that I had done this many times before.

And sometime three years ago, I came up with the idea of ​​what central role light plays: the speed of light was the occasion for Albert Einstein to include higher dimensions in our understanding of physics. The wave nature of light is, in a sense, the basis of all matter. According to Paul, God lives in an inaccessible light, and the experience of light plays a central role in most near-death experiences.

In the 1970s, I read R. Moody’s books, then left the topic a little bit aside. Time has not stopped: anyone who is concerned with the subject will be amazed at how much research has been done and how many sources can be used to learn about the Beyond. Unfortunately, the big churches know next to nothing because of their self-imposed restrictions.

For me, I have found a definite answer and would like to make it available to all: the beyond does exist! I am a doctor, a medical doctor, not a physicist or a theologian, but I have always been very interested in physics since school. I would now like to try to present my arguments in a comprehensible form, so that even a non-scientist can understand that.


I cordially invite you to discuss on my website. Personal insults are not welcome, I wish there already a higher level. You are welcome to link to other websites with similar topics, even with controversial content. Since I am flooded with spam registrations, please email me before (see imprint).


In September 2016, I started offering these websites in French, English and Spanish. Unfortunately, I have noticed that the digital translation programs are so bad that often even the rough sense of whether a statement is affirmed or denied is not translated correctly. I would not expect from interested people to deal with poor translations. It’s a huge job for me to translate at least a few pages manually. Right now I’m using my energy to expand the German pages further.

If someone with native language French, English or Spanish has suggestions for a better translation or maybe even wants to finish one of the machine translations, he is very welcome – e-mail see Imprint.