Evidence for a Beyond?

It is about dimensions and worlds outside our reality. Now, in this chapter, it is about what we should think about the strange experiences of some people close to death, whether this can be true, and what consequences can be.

Near-death experiences: description of the phenomenon and examples

Hallucination or reality ?: Different world views, state of science, arguments for and against the authenticity of NDE

The sight of blind people: the peculiarity of NDEs in blind people, study results by K. Ring

The work of the Devil?: Considerations for the claims of some religious tendencies that NDEs generate from the “devil”

Einstein and the beyond: parallels between relativity theory, quantum physics and the beyond

Is the Beyond proven now?: question if there is a final proof

Lucid dreams and astral travels  Exploring the beyond through out-of-body experiences

Brain and Consciousness: What is the function of the brain when there is an immortal soul?

My original intention was to write a brief overview for people who are interested in this topic, but who don’t have the time to deal with the extensive literature. Unfortunately, it have become some long pages for me now too. If you have time you can read one of the following books:

Doctor Jeffrey Long: Evidence of the Afterlive. The Science of near-death experience 2010 HarperOne, HarperCollins Publishers, NY, USA

Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper: Mindsight: Near-death and out-of-body experiences in the blind. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, William James Center for Consciousness Studies. 2008 iUniverse

PIM van Lommel: Consciousness Beyond Life, The Science of the Near-Death Experience 2011

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