Einstein and the beyond

There are numerous parallels between the fifth dimension (or geometric fourth space dimension) calculated and demanded by Einstein and the supernatural dimension about which people report in near-death experiences:

  • in Einstein’s fifth dimension, light plays a central role: the constant speed of light gave rise to the theory of relativity. A supernatural, very bright light also plays an essential role in the afterlife experiences.
  • From the supernatural near-death dimension one can see and observe our three-dimensional world, as one would from a five-dimensional world observe the third dimension. Conversely, one can not directly see Einstein’s fifth dimension or the supernatural near-death dimension from our three-dimensional world.
  • People with near-death experiences feel beyond space and time, can move freely through space, say space and time was in this experience of very little importance. At least as far as space is concerned, for a being in a fifth dimension the three-dimensional space plays only a very subordinate role. Some people with near-death experiences report that they had a very wide-ranging awareness during their stay in the transcendental world and that they can now understand any enigmatic things in our three-dimensional world.
  • Similarly, some puzzles of physics are well explainable and easier to understand from Einstein’s fifth dimension. And viewed from the physical 5th dimension, this is much more real than the 3rd dimension. The higher dimension is always the more real. Similarly, Near-Death Experienced people often describe that the otherworld felt much more real to them than our here-and-now-reality.

I am not saying that Einstein has proved the hereafter, nor do I say that the otherworldly near-death dimension is identical to Einstein’s fifth space dimension – some physicists speak of 10 possible dimensions. Perhaps the supernatural near-death dimension consists of two or more additional dimensions of space and of one or two additional time dimensions or something quite different. But the parallels to Einstein’s fifth dimension should be the occasion to take the near-death experiences seriously and not just dismiss them as “invention”. The near-death experiences are closer to today’s quantum physics than we think.

An essential difference between the higher dimension invented by physicists and the afterlife described in near-death experiences is that the hereafter is animated: there are souls of deceased, angels, and other higher beings. Here light and palpable love play an essential role, things that are inaccessible to our physics. And therefore, the hereafter can not be explored or proved by physics.

[revised translation Aug-01-2019]

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