Einstein and the beyond

Between the calculated by Einstein and required fifth dimension (or geometric fourth space dimension) and the psychic dimension, report on people with near-death experiences, there are many similarities:

  • from the psychic near death dimension, you can see our three-dimensional world as from a bird’s eye view, and watch, so how one would have to observe the third dimension from a five-dimensional world. Vice versa you can see directly Einstein’s fifth dimension nor the psychic near death dimension out of our three-dimensional world.
  • People with near-death experiences feel beyond space and time, can move freely through the room, they say, space and time played no role for them in this experience. At least, the three-dimensional space plays with regard to the space, for a being in a fifth dimension only a very minor role. Some people with near-death experiences report that they had a very extensive awareness during their stay in the psychic world and can now understand all puzzling out of our three-dimensional world. As well, some puzzles of Physics from Einstein’s fifth dimension are out well explained and easier to understand.
  • And from the physical 5. Dimension is considered much more real than the 3 of them. Dimension. The higher dimension is always the real. Also describe near-death experience often, that the world beyond much more real than our “dieseitige reality’ seemed to them

I’m not saying now that Einstein would have proved the hereafter, and not saying that the otherworldly dimension of near death would be identical to Einstein’s fifth space dimension – some physicists speak of 10 possible dimensions. Maybe the psychic near death dimension is Yes made two or more additional spatial dimensions and one or two additional time dimension or something entirely different. But the Parallels to Einstein’s fifth dimension should be occasion to take the near-death experience and not simply dismiss as “Invention”. The near-death experiences are closer than we think today’s quantum physics.

A major difference between the physicists imaginary higher dimension and the hereafter described in near death experiences is that the hereafter is activated: there are souls of deceased persons, Angels and other higher beings. There, tangible love and light plays an essential role, things that are not accessible to our physics. And therefore the hereafter by physics is traced or provable.