Declaration of Data-Protection

This website is located on a server of the German company 1 & 1 IONOS and is subject to German and European data protection laws.

User data: Anyone who only reads remains anonymous, no user data are transmitted.

If you register and write comments, the following data will be saved: Email address, alias name, password, if specified avatar picture, first and last name and, if applicable, private URLs. The data are saved on a 1 & 1 IONOS server, and there is a weekly backup at the same location. Due to the program crash in autumn 2018, all previous user data were deleted and are no longer available. By emailing, every user can have his data deleted.

SSL encryption: The websites have been SSL encrypted since the end of 2018. In this way, user data transmitted during use may not be read by others.

Google Analytics: This statistics program for evaluating the use of the website based on the IP address was used until around mid-2018. Since then, there have been no data transmission or evaluation.