Brain and consciousness

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Where is consciousness seated?

Where is the consciousness – not in the brain? For followers of monism, the brain must be seat of consciousness, not because it has been proven, but because more there’s nothing more for him, because no other organ in the body seems appropriate, because it is the information and control system of the body. But the near-death experiences show us: the consciousness can exist outside of a functioning biological brain. The brain can be therefore not seat and cause of consciousness. The near-death experience has shown, there is a supernatural world, an extra dimension beyond our experiential materialistic world. And there is a non-material soul, a psychic based of our ME-consciousness, which lives on after our death.

Now rolls a huge problem to us: our ego-consciousness is not sitting in our brain. What then is our brain? For what purpose is it used? What does it do? The reports of near-death experiences to recirculate the entire neuroscience, here everything needs to be reconsidered. This is probably also the reason why many neuroscientists against this new truth are reluctant. I can well understand them at this point.

Traditional model of the brain

The brain is often compared to a PC hard drive, it stores a lot of information. There are million nerve cells (neurons), each has a thousand axons, which represent connections to neighboring or distant neurons.

Now there are how experiences in our brains come into it, how it works with short-term memory and long-term memory models. Unfortunately, there is however no exact idea of how information is stored. Digital? Analog? with the encoding? In the neurons? In the arrangement of the axons? In the membrane thickness of the synapses, which then affects the intensity of transmission? There is also a model that would store information in the patterns of brain waves.

And awareness should be composed only of different information, it is an illusion according to most monistic brain researchers.

If you look in the cells and construction materials of the human body, they renew themselves constantly. Every cell, every molecule dies and is rebuilt. Within 2 weeks the brain is completely renewed, no atom is still the same as before. How can we then remind us of things, the decades back?

Unfortunately, the structure of the brain is plastic, that is constantly formed. One can observe that for injuries and loss of body parts: after an amputation of the right leg, the leg will disappear in the movement and in the perception of, this part of the brain is used by other parts of the body. How should information 80 years survive now if not even the cells as long? The CD as digital information carriers is there more reliable, you to can save at least 30 years an information.

New model of the brain

For me, the brain is the organ with which the psychic soul connects with our material bodies and influence on him.

PIN van Lommel describes a model in Chapter 11 of his book, after the brain is the connection with the otherworldly soul. The soul from the non-local beyond the brain and thus the body communicates through electromagnetic fields, waves and nuclear spin phenomena.

For the visual cortex that is easily explained: the visual cortex is the screen affect the nerve impulses of our eyes and the soul is the conscious person who sits in front of the screen.

The existence of a language in the left half of the brain is already alone so well explained, since the language only in our three-dimensional world exists and is a necessity for communication. In the psychic world communicate the essence in an other, telepathic manner which is independent of our language. The language center controls also the movements of the mouth, which is required by words tongue and larynx, speaking out for the.

How is this now with personality traits? in 1848, Phineas Gage with blasting operations near Cavendish/United States suffered an accident with an iron bar ripped out the left eye and a portion of the left frontal brain him. The man survived the accident, but then was changed in his personality. A calm, friendly, and balanced human was a childish, impulsive and unreliable person. The injury of frontal brain caused the so-called frontal brain syndrome. This case was spectacular for the neurwissenschaftlliche research. There is a clear relationship between brain injury and personality change this conditional.

How is it now compatible with what we know from near-death experiences? Can the immaterial soul be injured because an iron bar? The neuroscience says that many functions are located in the frontal cortex (frontal lobe) and also parietal brain (parietal lobe), that determine our personality. Our personality but lives on in the hereafter, she will also continue slowly evolve, she change but not suddenly, we get separated in the death of our brain. I imagine that so that the soul needs the frontal brain to transfer certain properties to our body. The frontal brain is injured, the soul in our body can no longer fully express herself.

The facts of the near-death experiences require an entirely new concept of our brain. You could develop many theories, but that’s not my job. The soul could cause nerve cells to educate axons in certain directions. The soul could influence the transmission strength of Synpsen on neighboring nerve cells. This happens after the previous research in yet unexplained way through tiny changes, namely by a thickening of the cell membrane. Seen in this way, the brain is an ideal computer chip, which well can be programmed, and the programs are here not digital and analog in a very complicated way. This explains also the property of the plasticity of the brain, i.e. If an area of the brain is no longer needed because the corresponding part of the body no longer works, it takes over tasks of the neighbouring areas. This property could be difficult if the brain itself would be the seat of consciousness, because – the nerve cell how do know to what limb they newly boarded to? That seems more logical if the brain programmed an extrakorporelle soul.

And with such a theory could be why detectable changes in the brain personality changes cause. For example, Alzheimer’s disease or the Wernicke encephalopathy (“dumbing down by alcohol”). Under the new approach, only the brain is ill, not the soul, but the soul can no longer express herself in the physical body, the connection has become defective.

Would be interesting, as well the “brainwashing” or also the neuro-lingual programming works. I’m guessing that only the physical biological brain is programmed, not the soul.

Everything that man has studied so far about the brain, remains valid, it must be interpreted slightly differently. The brain is a very complicated organ, and there’s still a lot to discover. This body, the connection between the soul (or Astral body, etc.) and the body produces, is our research accessible, while the soul itself for our means at least on his way is out of reach.

The advantage of such a theory: There is a place for free will and a basis for the responsibility of man for what he’s doing: the free will comes from the personality, which is based in the soul. A deterministic (predetermined) operation of this soul, which dates back to the psychic world, does not seem to have – it is not the result of biochemical processes in the brain.