Einstein’s 5th Dimension and the Beyond

Are there other Dimensions? Are there other Worlds?

This is my web site, started at 29.03.2016 in german. It is dedicated to a mathematical – physical – transcendental subject and consists of a more mathematical – physical first part: Einstein’s 5th Dimension

In the first part I would like to draw your attention to the fact that modern physics by no means looks at our real visible world as the be-all and end-all, but on the contrary provides hints for an additional world, that is, related to our 3-D reality, a “world of beyond”. Who has no real desire on dealing with mathematics and physics, can of course start right now with the 2d part:

In the second part I’ll discuss the near-death – experiences and what you can conclude – the Beyond. It is in particular about questions of reality and of provability.

The third part “The message of the Beyond” is about the question of what these reports are telling to us and how we can deal with it.
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Where do we come from? Where are we going to? Is there a meaning behind the life? What for are we on earth? Why do I suffer this good or that bad fate? What happens after death? Is there an afterlife? These questions very touch many people. The answers are very different.

We hover between relegious traditions, religious dogmas, skeptical materialism, big bang theory, discoveries of quantum physics and esoteric interpretations, word-of-mouth rumours, press reports, numerous Hollywood film ideas on this topic, contradictory press reports and perhaps some personal experience.

Answers based on a single traditional book or contradictory to the visible world, or which exclude a large part of mankind (the sole blessing clame of some religions) are unsatisfactory. A good answer should explain everything, the contradictions between science and religion and the contradictions between different religions.

What is important is that the mind remains open: open to logical thinking, open to new possibilities, without denigration of certain sources and without demonization of other believers. And on the other hand, a certain skepticism, a critical questioning, is important. A dogma, which one must absolutely believe, narrows the mind and leads no further.

The motivation to deal with this topic is mostly personal. For me, it is on the one hand the near-death experience of my father, that he told me very impressively. It was a little blurred, with no details, only the account of the light, the absence of time and the desire not to return to the earth. But from the sound of my father’s voice, I could sense how much this experience had impressed him. On the other hand, I have a vague memory of my incarnation process: I slid down a tunnel at high speed and knew that I had done this many times before.

And somewhere three years ago, I came up with the idea of ​​the central role played by the light: the speed of light was the reason for Albert Einstein to include higher dimensions in our understanding of physics. The wave nature of the light is, in a sense, the basis of all matter. According to Paul, God lives in an inaccessible light, and the experience of light plays a central role in most near-death experiences.

In the seventies I read the books of R. Moody, then left the topic a little aside. The time has not stopped: anyone who is concerned with the subject will be amazed at how many researches have been made and from how many sources you can learne about the beyond. The great churches unfortunately know nothing at all because of their self-imposed restrictions.

For me, I have found a definitive answer and want to make it available for all: the beyond does exist! I’m a doctor, namely medical, not a physicist, and also no theologian, but since school I have been interested very in physics. I want to try now to represent the arguments I found in a comprehensible form, so that a non-scientists can understand it.

Last revision: 10.06.17

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In September 2016 I began to offer these websites in the languages French, English and Spanish. Unfortunately, I had to realize that the digital translation programs are so bad that often the crude meaning – whether a statement is affirmed or denied – is not translated correctly. I would not expect from interested people to deal with poor translations. It is for me a huge work to translate at least some pages manually. I am currently using my energy to expand the German pages further.

If someone with mother tongue French, English or Spanish has proposals for a better translation or maybe even wants to rework one of the machine translations, he is welcome to – mail please see the “imprint”.